Rameshwar Temple

3.3 kms

Rameshwar Mandir is a temple located in Chaul, Maharashtra, India. It is a very ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Being an ancient temple it had completed 275 years.

Datta Temple

4.6 kms

The temple or Mandir is situated at the top of the peak with almost 1500 steep stairs to be climbed to reach there. The entire region around the Revdanda can be viewed from the temple.

Birla Temple

4.8 kms

Built atop a hillock Birla mandir has Ganesha as the main diety. The idol of Ganesha is placed on a marble nave which is intricately carved. The idols of Riddhi and Siddhi are placed on either sides of the Ganesha idol.

Hingulja Devi Temple

4.8 kms

Situated near datta mandir, historic temple built by pandwas.

Shitala Devi Temple

4.3 kms

It is historic and famous temple in Chaul.

Revanda Fort

0 kms

Revdanda fort was a beach facing fort built in 1558 by a Portuguese captain Soj to watch over their trading in.

Korlai Fort

5 kms

Situated between Chaul and Kashid, a village of Indians born of Indo-Portuguese ancestors, speaking a unique Creole of Portuguese and a fort lost in the sands of history.


Murud Janjira Fort

35.7 kms

Janjira is a fort situated not very far from Alibag. It was built by Siddi traders. Shivaji failed to capture the fort from the Siddis. One can find fresh water pounds inside the fort even today.

Revanda Beach, Revanda


0 kms

Kashid Beach, Kashid


15.7 kms


Murud Beach, Murud


24 kms


Nagao Beach, Nagao


09 kms

Varsoli Beach, Alibaug


15.7 kms



Kihim Beach, Kihim


27.6 kms